Saturday, August 29, 2015

Way too far behind!


The most receipt entry in this blog dates to 2013, but you will find some interesting stuff here if you go exploring.

Since leaving Pasadena (how many years ago?) you have heard nary a word out of me as to what is going on in my ministry to the Least, the Last and the Lepers. Well, some things actually did happen: (1) I moved to Colton, CA where I worked alongside a 12 step fellowship that was reaching out to the homeless, (2) I began attending Christ's Church Anglican in Yucaipa, CA, (3) I joined forces with a couple who were planting a church in Riverside, CA, and (4) I'm trying to start up a new chapter of Celebrate Recovery.

In the meantime I have written a book that is turning into a whole new ministry to young people -- not to mention that the one book is turning into five (or six) separate books over the next two years or so. To learn about that, tune into my new blog (yes, my third one) where I'll reveal the secrets behind this exciting new book ministry!

And yes, I may get back here some day -- some day -- to update y'all about what's going on in my other ministry efforts.

In the meantime, check out my new blog at where I'm premiering my new series of books!

You can also follow my publishing activities at, and my other activities at

God bless you all for your patience with me!