Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sneak Preview: On the Move

As promised, I'm sharing the breaking news as it develops about our eviction from Gulfport. Please pray alongside us as we move closer to our July 31 deadline to move from our current property.

By a unanimous vote, a church in the interior of nearby Long Beach, Mississippi, has invited God's Katrina Kitchen and Church Army Gulf Coast to move onto their 10-acre church site. Last Sunday the staff from the Kitchen attended their service and we were received with open arms. Their church was in the forefront of the early relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina and was the site of one of the major relief supply distribution points working alongside the Kitchen.

Final approval for this move is dependent on the results of a meeting with the Mayor of Long Beach, who is on vacation and will not return until July 16. Please pray for God's favor for us, and for our favor in the sight of the people of Long Beach.

We also need prayer for divine help in coordinating and executing this massive move, involving an institution that houses 200 volunteers at a time and coordinates and sends out work teams for up to 200 additional volunteers housed elsewhere.

In the meantime, here is a SNEAK PREVIEW of GKK on the move:

(Some of you may remember this photo from my email post about our last move in October 2006)

Thanks to all of you,

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