Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Farewell to California

Sunday I attended Saint Augustine of Canterbury Anglican Church (TAC, Anglican Province of Christ the King). I arrived an hour late (actually, they started an hour early) because the new archbishop and diocesan was visiting for confirmations, etc. This is one of the historic buildings of Chico, California.

Saturday I went for a hike on the Sacramento River Rail Trail near Redding. Aside from the ATV's, dirt bikes, and Jeeps it was a pleasant place to be.

I fly out this afternoon at 2:30pm, but I won't arrive in Gulfport, Mississippi until 8am tomorrow. I'll have time in Portland for a late supper at the airport with my brother Roger.

Wednesday update: Make that a late gourmet supper cooked and served at Roger's house floating on the Columbia River, including Picante Vegetable Stew and Maringo Chicken. Delicious!


Rolin said...

The celebrant on Sunday was Archbishop James Eugene Provence. The church uses the 1928 prayer book and the 1940 hymnal. They have an ancient (and small) pipe organ. One of those old hymn melodies is still running through my head this Tuesday morning.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to Mississippi, Rolin.

Miss Sippi

Rolin said...

Thanks, I really needed that.

1662 BCP said...
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