Monday, December 10, 2007

CEEC Consecration of Henry Roberts

Dr. Henry Roberts is founder and pastor of Word of Life Community Church in the Mobile, Alabama area, which operates in multiple locations. The largest location (pictured below) houses a very active School of Ministry (off camera to the left), a health and fitness center (off camera to the right), a 1200 seat sanctuary, conference rooms, and bookstore.On Sunday December 9, Archbishop Russell McClanahan of the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches consecrated Pastor Roberts as a Bishop of the Church Universal.

Here is Archbishop Russell, assisted by yours truly as chaplain.
The laying on of hands is a tradition which stretches back in an unbroken line to the 12 Apostles themselves.

Here +Russell is assisted by four other co-consecating bishops as they lay hands on Henry, strengthened by his wife Sherry.
Henry Roberts is a powerful teacher at the vanguard of life transformation in the black communities of southern Alabama and Mississippi. He leads a fellowship of 20 or more churches who support one another in building disciples of Christ.

My own bishop, Alan Morris, flew in from Pittsburgh to assist in the con-secration. He also had a chance to renew his friendship with fellow Trinity Seminary graduate Fr. James Giles and to counsel me as we seek God's path forward for my own ministry.

Some 60 or so bishops, elders, deacons, and ministers participated in the processional and recessional for the consecration, which was attended by 700 or more people in all.

This is convergence of the three streams of Christianity: the Liturgical, Evangelical, and Charismatic traditions. Convergence of another sort took place on the same day, as multiple bishops took part in consecrations that will fuel the emerging Common Cause.


andy said...

Why are those women wearing collars? And why is a laywoman (the wife, presumably) laying her hands on the new bishop?

andy said...

By the way, was this pastor a priest before being consecrated a bishop? I didn't see an altar in the church room (do they call it a sanctuary?).

Alan said...

There are several Deacons in the photos.
The new Bishop's wife is there in support of her husband and his calling to this moment and in our recognition that as a husband and wife are one flesh, there is one calling to which they have both been called by God. While her presence contributes nothing to his consecration her does the support of every Godly wife regardless of the calling in question... has everything to do with Bishop Henry being who he is as a Man of God/husband/ father and human being and how well he will be able serve in the future.
Yes, Bishop Henry was a priest prior.
The alter was moved back into place once we were finished with the consecration and were then ready for communion. You would be correct however if you were speculating that this setting appears different from the setting to which most Episcopalians/Anglicans in the Western church are accustomed.
I really don't know what Bishop Henry Calls their worship space.

The young fogey said...

Always good to see orthodox Protestants move Catholicwards.

Rolin said...

Thanks, Y.F. These folk are almost pentecostal, but they were looking for a closer connection to the Church Universal.