Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Great Leap: Ahead to Aliquippa

.. Driving
east through the Navajo Nation brought me to Four Corners: a lonely vendor's complex clustered around the intersection of Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico. Here is the monument at the intersection. Ominous signs warned that only two people were permitted to stand on the monument at a time.
Durango, Colorado, is the jumping-off place for a real old-timey wild west train ride. However, I missed the last train, and had to settle for a photo of the empty train station.

Crossing over the Rockies at 11,000 feet elevation, I passed through this snow field in the pass--in the middle of May! .


Fixed the flat tire in Colorado Springs. Here's a view looking back towards Pike's Peak. ..

And then there's Kansas. I stumbled across the town of Alma, ..
Kansas, which boasted of the Famous Alma Cheese. So I detoured into downtown Alma (a zero-stop-light town), bought two pounds of Alma Cheese at the Alma gas station (the only store open), and mailed it to my 90-year-old mother, Alma. .. Somebody help me here: What city am I driving through?

Arrived in Pittsburgh, PA, on Thursday, May 18, where my interview with the head of Church Army USA had to be postponed while he went into the hospital for surgery. The assistant rector of my church had recommended that I check out Church Army for mission work; he said, "They take in misfits."

Near Pittsburgh is the town of Aliquippa, devastated by the demise of the U.S. steel industry. Church Army Aliquippa took over this ruined building with the intention of turning it into a coffee house and meeting place for ministry. .. This is John Stanley, the Aussie missionary that worked this project until a successful coffee and lunch shop was in operation; a beacon of hope in a devastated town. Classrooms are upstairs. .. This summer the town of Aliquippa was struck by an unusual flash flood that ruined the downstairs coffee shop. Church Army Aliquippa is currently picking up the pieces and starting over again.

Next: On to Branson, Missouri.

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